IP Phone Systems

These days it’s all about using communications to work smarter; with a VoIP system you are able to place calls over the internet to reduce costs and increase productivity.

A VoIP phone system is not a convenient, low-cost telephone substitute, it’s a fully-integrated communications solution that unifies all your systems and links multiple sites. 

Key features 

  • Monthly fee per DID number not actual lines (as little as £5 per month)
  • Unlimited internal extensions at no further cost
  • Unlimited simultaneous call handling at no further cost
  • Free upgrades for life
  • gxp1628 rightLow capital outlay
  • Homeworking enabled
  • Choice of top branded handsets or softphones
  • Disaster recovery
  • User and departmental voicemail function
  • Call recording
  • IVR function (Auto attendant)
  • Queue handling and prioritization
  • Full call logging and reporting

Please call 01472 426444 for more information on our IP Phone Systems.


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Pricing Tables


Starting from $20.99
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Starting from $30.99
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Starting from $40.99
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From £30
  • Remote Support
  • £30 +Vat Per Hour
  • Onsite Support
    • £35 +Vat Per Hour
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We strive to provide the best IT service we can! We have trained and qualified staff working with the best and most up-to-date equipment to see all of your IT needs. We always take the time and care we require to make sure your computer or phone stays safe and in the best condition while it is with us whether we come to you to fix it or if you drop it off in our office. We don't just fix computers and laptops we also fix phones too, we mainly fix screens by doing screen replacements. We have a skilled technician who knows how to efficiently replace iPhone screens mainly and a few other phone types too, this technician can also replace iPad screens as well. Whether it's  personal or work iPad/ iPhone we will always do our best to get it done quickly yet providing the best quality and care we can for your device.  We value all our customers and understanding that when a problem arises we are the first line of support, we will always have someone in the office to answer your emails or phone call when you have a problem that you want to log.

We understand that you want the job fixing as quick and as efficiently as possible so you can get back to work. When we log jobs we log all the information so the technician knows what the problem is before making a phone call to ask about all the smaller details so they know what to do. Normally our technicians work in the order that the jobs come in but sometimes if an urgent job comes in that would then take priority. The things that we would class as taking top priority would be things like servers completely down, a company losing full power or systems failure etc. We understand that a job you logged may be urgent for you so you can go back to work so we will work as quickly as possible, our main job is making sure all your computers run smoothly, including servers and emails too.

We like to fix things as fast and efficiently as we can to ensure that we can return it as soon as possible so we don't interfere too much with your daily life as we know how important it is to have mobile phones and laptops available to you whether it be for work or leisure. We always try to offer the best deals for everyone and we always offer the best service as well, for phones and computers we believe our prices are fair and reasonable. We also try to offer quick service as well as we understand that waiting around can be boring and it can delay workflow as well which we know can have very negative affects overall.

Most jobs we complete on the same day they are logged unless they are bigger jobs which require a visit. If they require a visit they can sometimes happen on the same day but other times when the technicians are busy they will book you in for a different day of the same week at a time which is suitable for you as well as them. We always try to use all the best equipment for the job we are doing. As well as using the old equipment that we love, we also try to use the new and up-to-date equipment. We like to also try with the new equipment on jobs to see if they work better or if the old equipment works better, so as well as being up to date we also like to use equipment that we trust. 

 We like to give the best prices around so you don't have to pay a lot of money somewhere else, we keep the prices low by being able to do the best job around so people spread the word, we also use the tools we have used for a while that we know works and we trust instead of always investing new ones that might end up not working as well or not working at all and not doing the job we bought it for. We will always find the best deals whether you are buying through us or we are finding the best product for you to use yourself. We find a lot of tech places like to overcharge for the work they do but we will never overcharge for a job because we like to keep our prices low and fair. 



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Feedback is important to us, whether it's good feedback praising our technicians for doing a good job or it's constructive criticism, we appreciate both greatly.



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